Latest POP Designs in Nigeria (2024 Ideas)

POP is a false or suspended ceiling.  It has become quite popular in Nigeria and around the world due to the multiple advantages it has over asbestos ceiling. The word “POP” means plaster of Paris. This is Gypsum in its dehydrated form which is a paste that is used to mold different false ceilings like suspended, recessed, T-bar, etc.

POP ceilings are widely favoured in Nigeria because of their durability and their beauty which is captivating. They have many advantages which include, versatility, lightweight, increased energy savings, and fire resistance. POP can be molded into various designs, and it adds more beauty to your home.

When you’re setting up your new home or office and have decided to go for a POP ceiling, finding an array of choices to choose from can be a challenge. So, in this post, you’d be “served” a good number of different POP ceiling designs in Nigeria. You’ll also learn a lot more stuff with regards to POP ceilings.

Amazing POP Designs in Nigeria

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POP Designs in Nigeria: Current & Futuristic Styles

Here are some of the trending and unique POP designs in Nigeria that you can choose from.

Floral POP design

pop design floral

Floral POP design is beautiful because it creates an impression of an open space giving an illusion that you are outside. If you love flowery themes, the floral POP design is for you.

The floral POP design is quite popular in Nigeria because it can be used in every room or office with pastel-toned coloring.

Luxurious circle POP design

pop design

Luxury circle POP design is beautiful, especially for living rooms. It has a central fixture that adds class to your living room; you can also install colorful lightings that suit your style.

Minimalistic POP design

pop design minimalistic

This type of POP design is used to achieve a cozy look. If you prefer minimalism to luxury then the minimalistic POP is for you, this includes simplistic shapes and symbols, decorating your ceiling with beautiful paintings. The minimalistic design creates an atmosphere of comfort.

Circular pattern POP design

pop design circular

If you are going for a grand and high taste look, the circular pattern POP design is the one for you. You can construct different sizes of circles all over the ceiling structure. To make the room glow, place tiny halogen spots around the rim.

Futuristic POP design

pop design futuristic

This is a type of POP design that has become popular due to the futuristic movement among creative people. If you like space themes and science fiction, then the futuristic design is for you. The futuristic POP design creates a unique and enticing home design.

This design usually has free lines and strict geometric shapes which gives you freedom of modern outlook for any interior design you want.

Rectangle POP design

pop design rectangle

This is a modern POP design idea if you want to make your living room follow the trend. A rectangular POP design recess highlights your home (especially your living room) ceilings.

Creative wall and ceiling POP design

pop design creative wall and ceiling

This POP design is fabulous and creative. It is also very difficult to replicate but it is worth it. The creative wall and ceiling POP design starts from the floor and goes up on the wall and ceiling continuously, which makes this design quite difficult.

This POP design can be incorporated into your walls and ceilings. It is modern and creates a lively atmosphere in your home.

Dual height POP design

pop design dual height

If you feel like your ceiling is bland, you can use a dual height layered POP with different heights of panels. This POP can be used to add depth and definition to a regular room.

Stair opening POP design

pop design stair opening

If you live in a duplex, then this POP design is for you. If you want your apartment to have an innovative look, you can add a stair opening to the ceiling. Stair opening POP design can make your ceiling look colorful and charming and it connects the upper floor to the lower floor (living room).

Tips To Acquire the Perfect POP Design in Nigeria

We have seen the different types of POP designs in Nigeria. Now let us talk about the tips to help you acquire the perfect POP ceiling.

Plan your budget properly. If you want a POP ceiling design in your office or living room, you have to know if you need only the light fittings covered or your entire ceiling covered. Whatever the case, you need to check your budget before acquiring your POP. You can discuss with your POP design professional about the ceiling expenses. This will lead to better options to suit your style and budget.

Finishing building your house before moving in: if you are building a house or remodeling your house putting a POP is a lot of work and can be messy and time-consuming.  Hire a professional (s) to enable you to finish the POP design quickly.

Check the height of your ceiling: before you install a POP design on your ceiling, you have to measure or check the height of your ceiling. Some ceilings need more headroom than others. If the POP sheets require some headroom or space, you have to be prepared to increase a few inches of height for the POP to fit in properly.  Headroom decreases easily with false ceilings and reduces the height to 12ft.

Get the right paint that suits your style: choose a lovely shade of paint that suits your style before installing your POP ceiling. Choose your colors properly to achieve a unique and classy look in your home or office. If you like simple or loud colors insure to include that, but it is advisable to go for simple colors to avoid discomfort.

Precautions to take before and during the installation of a POP ceiling design

You have to be cautious when installing a POP design in your home. This will enable you to properly maintain and manage your ceiling after it has been installed. Here are precautionary measures to take during the installation of a POP ceiling design in your home.

  • Installing with ease: Before installing your POP, make sure it is completely dried. This is to enable you to install the POP with ease.
  • Properly consider if a certain POP is suitable to be installed for the required space
  • Make sure that the ceiling is not prone to leakages.
  • Use POP that has 10-12cm thickness, to reduce the risk of damages.

To avoid accidental fires, put all electrical wires inside a pipe. The might be a need to modify your house in the future due to changes or wirings.

  • To avoid POP cracking during the procedure, buy and use POP from brands that are well-known.

Tips to consider when hiring a POP ceiling designer in Nigeria

POP ceilings give a creative and neater look to your rooms. Most people would like to have beautiful POP designs and if you are one of those people then this is for you. Before you decide to install a POP in your home, you have to also consider a POP ceiling designer or a POP professional. This will enable you to have the POP design you desire. Before hiring a POP designer or professional, to have to check their previous works to enable you to ascertain their level of expertise.

A POP ceiling can add luxury to your home or office. To maintain your POP ceiling, make sure to regularly clean and dust the ceiling. You can easily use a duster or vacuum cleaner. With the correct POP ceiling, you can achieve a design that suits your style. Make use of a good POP design professional to bring your style to life.