Burglar Proof Designs in Nigeria (2024 Concepts)

Looking for a building design that beautifies your home and also gives you a sense of security? Then the burglar-proof house design is the one for you.  Burglar-proof is a protector grating that is made of metal and is reliable for its efficiency. It can be used for doors, windows, and your verandas.

Having security is one of the most important factors when it comes to owning a home. Protecting yourself and your family Is important, especially in Nigeria. Modern security nowadays is mostly tech-based but burglar-proof designs are affordable.

In this article, you will get to see the different types of burglar-proof designs. Burglarproof designs come in different types and in different types of materials but the most recognized burglar proof designs are made out of aluminum. This is one of the most popular materials used for making burglar-proof.

Burglarproof Designs in Nigeria: Latest Ideas

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Types of Burglarproof Setups in Nigeria

You can find some of these burglar proofs in Nigeria and you can choose the one that suits your style. Here are different types of burglar-proof designs;

1. Window bars burglar-proof design

This is one of the most popular burglar-proof designs in Nigeria and many people find it to be beneficial. This design can give you maximum security and it is a very affordable and good way to protect your home. You can have many choices to choose from as window bars comes in different designs and shapes.

With how affordable and popular window bars are, some people still fear using them in their homes because they feel it makes their home look like a prison. To avoid feeling that way, there are some modern and stylish window bars you can use as a burglar-proof for your home to give you a unique look and put your mind at ease too.

2. Inside protection burglar-proof design

Sometimes, you might want to start burglar proofing from the inside of your house, and to achieve that you can use window locks and window alarms.

3. Window locks

These can be fixed either on the window frame or on the window jamb. Window locks come in both affordable types such as metal pin locks to deadbolts and quite expensive types depending on what you are going for. Some deadbolts can be seen from the outside and can be very effective.

4. Window alarms

These are the burglar proofs you should go for if you want to be instantly alerted at night. It maximizes your security and keeps you alert effortlessly. There are different types of window alarms which has various prices and what they perform.  The advanced window alarms can detect movements and can call the police if you program them to do so and the cheap window alarms make loud noises when triggered.

5. Integrated security burglar-proof design

This burglar-proof design on windows is a fixed construction. It is durable, has anti-corrosion, and has a steel-like grate. This design has maximum security and comes in different designs.

6. Sliding and casement burglar-proof design

This type of burglar-proof design is one of the most recognized in the market. It can be used in windows and doors as it slides easily. The sliding doors and windows are more affordable than that of the casement. For maximum security, use a window with grating.

7. Security bars for windows and doors

This protects the windows and doors of your house. It is usually located in the lower part of the house, this is to improve security.  Security bars are not found attractive by many people as It has been said to create a feeling of being locked in a prison.

But this burglar-proof design is sure to provide you with maximum security. This makes your home burglar fee. It will be difficult for burglars to enter through the bars. Security window bars come in different designs and can give you high security.

8. Reinforced glass burglar-proof design

This burglar-proof design can be used if you have a few windows in your house. You might find it stressful to replace or reinforce all the window glasses in your house, but it is worth it. With this design, you can have maximum security. To get a good glass for reinforcement, tempered glass is affordable if you want to break down the cost.

Tempered glass is still more expensive than the regular glass being sold in the market. If you want to go for an expensive option, laminated glass is the one for you. It is more refined than tempered glass. The reinforced glass comes in various types, they make a lot of noises and all are hard to break or penetrate. This allows you to know when there is an intrusion.

Tempered glass is durable and cannot be easily shattered by burglars. The glass used in creating tempered glass is melted and freeze back into a hard piece, which makes it stronger than the normal glass available on the market.

9. Collapsible burglar-proof design

Collapsible burglar-proof windows and doors can be used at home and also for business purposes. This design offers privacy and protection from burglars breaking into your home. It is made of steel galvanized with coated powder and can be made to fit your doors or windows perfectly.


Burglar-proof designs serve as a tool for security. It protects your home from burglars and some burglar roof designs come with a window or door alarm and window locks which keep you alert at all times. From the various designs shown in this article, there are many designs you can choose from.

With the level of insecurity in Nigeria, incorporating burglar proofs into your house design is a good and conscious idea. Windows are usually the entry points for burglar attacks, even when you close them, they can easily be penetrated with hard objects. Burglar proofs are essential and as a homeowner, you need to install them.

During installation, make sure you can enter and exit the window from inside your home in case of any emergency such as a fire outbreak.