Amazing Window POP Designs in Nigeria (2024 Ideas)

Windows are usually the focal point of the external part of any building. This is because the kind of windows you fix will affect the aesthetics of your building positively or negatively.

Window POP designs in Nigeria are becoming increasingly popular. This is mostly because of the beauty these kinds of windows add to the buildings where they are fitted.

With a wide array of window POP designs in Nigeria, choosing the right one is becoming incredibly difficult. This post will show you some impressive modern window POP designs by Nigerian artisans. You’ll also learn the factors to consider when choosing window POP designs in Nigeria.

Beautiful Window POP Designs in Nigeria

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What is POP?

Before we discuss the factors that affect choosing window POP designs, let’s briefly discuss POP. POP stands for Plaster of Paris and it is a white powder manufactured from gypsum.

This material is used to provide the finishing coat or texture to surfaces like walls, ceilings, and window frames. POP is also used to give shape to different structures. The chief materials used in making Plaster of Paris are gypsum and water.

When you use POP for making window frames, it makes the window have a smoother, more beautiful finish, especially after painting. Usually, POP is applied as a part of the painting process. This means that using it helps to correct the flaws that may have appeared on the wall surface. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Window POP Designs in Nigeria

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous window POP designs in Nigeria. Because of this, you might find it difficult to choose the one that best suits your building.

We understand how frustrating this can be and have decided to provide you with some help. Here are some factors to consider when choosing window POP designs in Nigeria:

Architectural language

Every building is the product of an architectural design or language. This is what makes it unique from every other building around. The first thing you should consider when choosing a window POP design is the architectural language of your building.

Does the design match the architectural language of the building? Will it accentuate the architectural design of the building?  If the window POP does not tick these boxes, you should ditch it and look for another design. After all, one of the main purposes of investing in window POP designs is to improve the aesthetics of your building.

Window purpose

Another important factor that you must consider when choosing window POP designs is purpose. What is the purpose of the window? If the window will not show up on the exterior of the building, there is no need to choose a POP design.

An example of such windows is operable windows between rooms in a home. On the other hand, if the window shows on the exterior of the home, it is for ornamental and functional purposes.

This means you should choose a window POP design that matches the architecture of the part of the building where it is located. The purpose of a window guides the style you will consider.

Window orientation

One very important factor that you must consider when choosing window POP designs in Nigeria is window orientation. By orientation, we mean whether the window will be in landscape or portrait position. A lot of thought goes into planning the orientation of a window style.

Usually, it is meant to follow the design created by the architect. Also, the window orientation is chosen based on the purpose of the window. How does window orientation affect choosing window POP designs? Different designs are suited to different orientations.

A design might not look great in a portrait position but will improve your building’s aesthetics in a landscape position. Figure out the orientation of the windows in your building, then use this information to choose the window POP design.


You cannot talk about choosing window POP designs without mentioning budget, especially in this part of the world. Window POP designs are not exactly cheap.

You need to first figure out whether or not you can afford to pay for this type of window design. Following this, you need to figure out how much you are willing and able to afford for the project. After this, you should calculate how many windows you will be working on and the cost to complete the whole project.

Your budget will determine your choice of design since different designs come at different prices. Ensure that you don’t go above your budget so that you can complete the project conveniently.


The final factor we will discuss is durability. This refers to how long the window POP design will last. There are different categories of window POP designs and they have different durability capacities. Your best bet is to invest in one that is highly durable and requires very little maintenance. While it might be costly at the initial stage, it saves costs in the long run.