Timaya’s House in Lekki, Lagos: Pictures & Details

Inetimi Alfred Odon (popularly known by his stage name, Timaya), is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who has earned a name for himself in the music industry. Over the years, he has gained a lot of fans not just in Nigeria, but across the globe as well. 

Timaya is one of those celebrities who live lavishly off the critical eyes of social media. He enjoys a beautiful life with his family away from the public eye. However, in 2018, Timaya got people bubbling on social media after he bought an expensive mansion in Lekki, Lagos.

Timaya’s House in Lagos: All You Need to Know

In this article, we would be giving you a detailed review of all the juicy details about this property, that allegedly cost the Nigerian multi-award-winning artiste a whopping sum of $600,000.

timaya house in lagos

Timaya’s House: Location

This property is located in Lekki Phase 1. Lekki is a notable area of Lagos State, Nigeria, well-known for its affluent real estate properties. This haven is reserved specifically for the wealthy and successful. Almost every Nigerian celebrity owns a property in this region. 

It is believed that Lekki is home mostly to wealthy entrepreneurs, and elite working-class people who receive gargantuan paychecks from their jobs in huge conglomerates. It’s no wonder that Timaya’s multi-million naira home is located in such a prestigious region. 

Overview of the House

This property is a two-story duplex with breathtaking sceneries on each floor, and a private penthouse on the last floor. You can as well consider it to be a palace. The building contains multiple bedrooms, with costly furniture that is made from rare materials. 

There is a beautiful array of stunning artwork pieces at every corner of the house. While some rooms are warm and cozy (giving off comfortable and homely vibes), others are somewhat peculiar and could make you wonder if you traveled some decades into the future. 

The home is also beautifully decorated with several home decor pieces displayed, ranging from plush carpets to lots of green plants and flowers, mesmerizing portraits, and colorful pictures. These truly make it tasteful, unique, and personal to the award-winning artiste.

timaya house 2

timaya house 3

Timaya’s House: Ground Floor 

On every floor in the building, there is a lounge but the main lounge is located on the ground floor. Surprisingly, people hardly spend time in this part of the house but you wouldn’t blame them really, as there are other beautiful sections to feed your eyes to the full with. 

The main lounge is homely, with many beautiful pieces of furniture covered in different forms of animal skin. Every interior decor on this floor speaks volumes of inspiration. The kitchen is also located on this floor, and it’s barely in use. 

Just outside the main lounge, on the other wing of the house, is a large luxurious swimming pool with fountain-like staircase architecture. Truly bespoke! 

Timaya’s House: First Floor

This is one section of the house that you find very pleasing. Why because this is where Timaya spends most of his time with his two adorable daughters, Emma and Gracie. First up on this floor, is a colorful lounge with lots of plush carpets and throw pillows. 

There is a three-winged couch (each wing for one of Timaya’s daughters and the other for himself), on which they lie regularly and listen to one another’s stories on how their weekends went. 

Next up is Emma and Gracie’s bedroom, with walls flushed in baby pink. You would find two little-sized beds, cozied up with soft pillows and red teddy bears. The window next to Gracie’s bed gives a stunning view of the swimming pool on the ground floor. 

Also on this floor, is a section Timaya calls his cinema room. Everything in this room truly gives off an ideal cinema hall vibes, with two comfortable settees and a fairly-sized projector screen. 

It is rumored that Timaya enjoys movies (not just the regular action series or room-coms we are used to), but movies he can learn from. Timaya is the only one who uses this cinema room. 

Timaya’s House: Private Penthouse

On the last floor of the building is Timaya’s private penthouse, which he likes to call his private quarters. Timaya truly does have a thing for animal skin as on this floor, you will find several furniture pieces encased in different prints of animal skin. 

On this floor, he has an open-plan office where he works. You will also find a portrait of his father (who is now deceased) on the wall. 

This private penthouse also contains his bespoke bedroom, washroom, and closet. Timaya’s dressing room would leave you stunned. He has a large collection of fashion items with over 350 different outfits, and close to 100 pairs of assorted shoes. 

The items within his closet are also arranged systematically, according to their colors and fabric pattern. Timaya really does clean up well. Next up is his washroom which is truly befitting for royals. He has a see-through bath area with a king-sized bathtub. 

His private bedroom would also leave you awed, with the medium-sized comfy bed and automated curtains. Tama Decor handled the furnishing and finishing of this house from start to finish, and they really did a remarkable job, especially in the washroom and closet. 

Just outside his bedroom is a private balcony area that is spacious, and gives a stunning view of the environment around the house. 

Timaya’s Music Career

Timaya (also popularly referred to as Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa), began his solo music career in 2005 when he released his first single titled “Dem Mama”, which eventually featured in his first debut album. 

After the release of this album, Timaya began gaining fame but he shot to superstardom a few years after, following the release of his third studio album “De Rebirth” with its lead single, “Plantain Boy”. 

Timaya has released six studio albums and several hit singles in different genres of music, ranging from dancehall to afro-beat, hip-hop, and reggae. To date, he has been able to maintain his standard in the music industry. 

His unique and innovative style of music has earned him several notable awards and nominations from prominent music celebration events including four Headies Awards wins, two AFRIMMA Awards wins, one Nigeria Music Award, and an NEA award.