Tekno’s House in Lagos: Pictures & Details

Augustine Miles Kelechi popularly known by his performance name, Tekno is one of the most popular and successful music artists and songwriters in Nigeria. He’s without question one of the best to ever ply his trade in the music industry.

Even though his popularity has somewhat died down in recent years, his name is forever going to be remembered in the music industry. Hit singles like Holiday (featuring Davido) and Pana will continue to be club bangers.

Tekno’s House in Lagos

tekno house in lagos

While that’s the case, his lifestyle isn’t in any way short of what you’d expect from today’s music stars. He’s got a nice duplex in Lagos with at least three high-end cars (based on his posted photos on social media), and he’s obviously living a comfortable lifestyle that complements his hard work in the Nigerian entertainment scene.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at his home in Lekki Lagos, and some of the other valuables we’ve seen him flaunt on social media.


Tekno’s house in Lagos is located in Lekki, one of the most expensive locations to own a home in Nigeria. Of course, the location is expected for someone who was at the top level in the Nigerian music industry for over five years, growing to have a net worth of at least 2.5 billion nairas. The average price for houses in Lekki, Lagos is about 120 million nairas, not bad for a multi-billionaire.

Overview of Tekno’s House in Lekki Lagos

If we’re going to be critical about it, Tekno’s house is very modest compared to what we’ve seen from other music artists and Nigerian Celebrities. He has a very large two-story duplex with lots of rooms including an in-house studio. Overall, we can say the house is a little above average – the problem is there’s not much compound, making the parking space quite small.

From the exterior, it’s definitely a fully detached duplex with at least 6 bedrooms and maybe two maid rooms (Boy’s Quarters), based on what we’ve seen him posted on social media. If we’re right about anything, it’s that Tekno lives a relatively conservative lifestyle compared to what’s expected from an entertainer of his status.

Living Room

The interior of the building is where Tekno goes all out to showcase some luxurious lifestyle – not every day you see a house that’s floored with tiles still having some expensive rugs laid under marble-top tables.

The main living room is what really catches the eye – well decorated with paintings and lovely chandeliers with lighting that complements the color of the walls. While that’s the case, it’s important to also point out the integration of some appliances like TVs and speakers in the living room within the walls.


Although we’ve only seen pictures of three bedrooms posted on social media, the size of the building suggests that there’s definitely more – perhaps there’s someone also living with him. While that’s the case we do know that one of the rooms is an in-house studio he uses for his music production.

All in all, the decoration in his personal room is quite simple, with not a lot of moving parts, unless for a small sitting area by the side. Even in its simplicity, there’s a small walk-in closet which in more ways than one, talks about Tekno’s exquisite taste in fashion.

tekno house in lagos 2


Tekno’s Rise to Stardom in the Music Industry

Augustine Mile Kelechi was born on December 17th, 1992 in Bauchi, Nigeria. However, he grew up in Abuja, Kaduna, and the Nasarawa States as his father was in the Nigerian Army. He was from a relatively comfortable family of four brothers and a sister.

Tekno attended Heritage high school, and went on to study at Green Island but didn’t complete his education as he felt the educational process was slowing down his growth as an artist. According to him, his early role models in the music industry were the likes of P-Square.

While that’s the case, he delved into music at the age of eight, when he enrolled in a music school to learn how to play musical instruments – today he’s a well-grounded piano and guitar player. His first official deal was with K Money entertainment, where he was primarily a producer – we didn’t see a lot of him on TV.

In 2013, he dropped his first single “Holliday” which brought him to the limelight, Featuring Davido. Later that year he’ll go on to sign a deal with Made Men Music Group. In the new record label, he was well-focused on his singing career, releasing hit singles like “Dance” and “Anything” – tracks that won him a nomination for the Best New act of the Year Category, and the 2014 Nigerian Entertainment Awards.

Fast forward to 2015, he released a single he released another massive hit “Duro”, and also did a remix with Phyno and Flavor – two of Nigeria’s biggest artists from the East. Later the same year, he released another single “Wash” which he also used to win multiple awards and got an endorsement deal with MTN Nigeria.

From there on, we can say the rest is history. He’s gone on to do some great stuff in the Nigerian entertainment scene and his hard work has no doubt paid off.