Modern Penthouse Designs in Nigeria (2024)

Penthouses are known to be luxurious and usually have the best views in the building with amenities such as gardens on the rooftops, glass parapets, curtain walls, custom-designed furniture, private elevators, and a perfect view of the sky.

A penthouse is a residential space or an apartment situated at the top of a building.  Penthouses are expensive and require a lot of financial resources to maintain. Are you interested in building or owning a penthouse?

In this article, you will get to see different types of penthouses you can choose from. Here are different modern penthouses for you to view.

Modern Penthouse Designs in Nigeria in 2024

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Penthouse Designs in Nigeria: Concept Options

Modern luxury penthouse design: this penthouse has available spaces which can be used for multiple purposes. It is usually white in color, including white walls and ceilings which create a perfect setting for gray and black features such as furniture, cabinets, and home appliances. A white rug in a semi-circle form is in place in the middle of the room facing the veranda doors to match the wooden floor. Glass walls are extended to provide an excellent view of the sky and city.

Modern penthouse with skylights: skylights are one of the highlights of owning a penthouse. Penthouses have skylights that are designed for the living rooms to brighten them up and add some luxurious feeling to the house.

Modern penthouse interior design: this type of penthouse has a minimalistic approach to the living room. The flooring and the walls are made of similar materials to match. Most interior penthouse living rooms are white as they contrast well with black decors and furniture sets. The tv wall is made of wood.

Small apartment penthouse: this penthouse is designed for minimal spaces. Small apartment penthouses are usually without doors to allow easy movement to the rooms. This penthouse has a small kitchen which is usually gray and the rest of the rooms are also gray.

Open space modern penthouse: open space penthouse allows for easy access to different rooms. It is a penthouse which has a perfect view of nature, for Example Mountain views. This penthouse is designed with folding walls that allow easy access from the living room to the patio.

White modern penthouse: the white penthouse is usually made of glass which makes the living room bright and serene. This penthouse is painted all white and decorated with neutral colors.

Modern penthouse living room: the modern penthouse living room is designed with a glass wall which is designed in a shape of a small window using wooden frames. This penthouse has a minimalistic design. A big clock is usually used as a centerpiece.

Elegant modern penthouse terrace: the terrace of this penthouse was designed to look luxurious with a Jacuzzi for relaxation. It has a fire pit, upholstered seat, and loungers created for romantic evenings.

Glass theme modern penthouse: the glass theme modern penthouse is famous for its natural flow of light. The glass allows you to have a perfect view of the city, mountain, sky, sea, or anywhere your penthouse is situated. To match the environment, the furniture is decorated based on the view. If your penthouse is situated close to the sea, then you should decorate your living room with sea green or blue sofas or cushions.

Typical features of penthouse apartments

To recognize a penthouse, there are some characteristics you need to recognize. These are:

  • Penthouses are usually on the rooftops of the building.
  • Penthouses have 2 floors and above which usually have elevators located inside the apartment.
  • Penthouses usually have balconies along with the apartment, made for hanging out and being comfortable for homeowners.
  • The interior design of a penthouse has natural air and light flow.
  • Penthouses have large glass panels with clear outside views.
  • Penthouses are airy.
  • Penthouses have high ceilings.

Benefits of penthouses

  1. Penthouses give obstructed view of your environment, providing enough light and ventilation. It also allows you to enjoy privacy and peace because of its placement which is at the top of the building.
  2. Penthouses give you exclusivity among your peers or colleagues. You also get to enjoy a lot of services that other buildings do not get.
  3. Penthouses are a recession-proof investment. Investing in penthouses can increase your income as a luxurious commodity; it attracts wealthy clients or buyers. The trend to own a luxurious apartment in Nigeria and all over the world is an investment a business-minded person would enjoy huge benefits from and have a bright future in investment.
  4. Penthouses offer a lot of services from fancy doors fittings, aesthetically overalls, Jacuzzis, open terraces, and beautiful views.
  5. Penthouses are built-in elite locations, which have malls, good schools, parks, restaurants, and business hubs. Some penthouses are built-in parts of the city that are most desired by people. If you enjoy staying in elite’ locations, then penthouses are a great choice for you.

Problems of penthouses

The disadvantages of penthouses are;

  1. Penthouses come with the overhead cost you have to incur. Penthouses are that it requires a lot of maintenance due to their large space. Because of how large penthouses are; they are difficult to clean.
  2. The penthouses are very expensive.
  3. Also being at the top of the building might mean you can be hard to reach out to in case of emergencies like fire outbreaks, risk of kids on the open terrace, and so on. You have to be very careful, but the benefits outweigh the problems or disadvantages


Penthouse design is becoming more dynamic and unique as people want to achieve a secluded way of living. If you are looking for a secure building with a luxurious density of style, then you should go for penthouses.

Penthouses are usually located at the top of every building which means you get privacy and security.  You also get to have ample space outdoor and get to have an excellent view of nature or your city. With the different designs listed above, you can choose any penthouse that suits your style and enjoy the comforts that come with it.