Modern Parapet Designs in Nigeria (2024 Ideas)

Are you planning on building a house or getting your old home renovated? Then parapet designs are what you need. Parapets are mainly used on roofs with flat surfaces. A parapet is an extension of your walls or a part of your roof which can be aesthetic and a good choice. It surrounds some parts of the roof to make the space more convenient.

Parapets can be lengthy or short depending on your preference, with a length of 42 inches. Parapets with lengths can change a roof and creates an open space that can be used as a spot for relaxation while short parapets help give the building a secure look.

Parapet designs are important because they create safety for you, especially for flat roofs, you might get injured if you do not notice the edge of the roof. Also, if equipment or tools are stored on your roofs such as cables and satellites, then parapet roof designs can protect you. If you want to turn your roof into a hangout spot, you can use parapets with lengths thereby creating a greenhouse or a lounge area.

In this article, you will find out the different types of parapet designs that can help you in building your dream home. But firstly, here are the types of parapet roof designs to inspire you.

Amazing Parapet Designs in Nigeria

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Types of Parapet Designs in Nigeria

1. Precast concrete parapet

This parapet design is constructed using wood or mortar moldings around the edge of the building before concreting. The design of the work will be constructed based on the design of your choice before concreting. The concrete design will be completed after the concrete has dried.

Precast concrete parapet lasts longer than other parapet roofs. It also has a low cost of maintenance and does not harbor any reptiles and animals on the roof. The only disadvantage of this parapet is that it is not easy to build and costs more than low-pitched roofs.

2. Plain parapet design

This parapet design does not need any flare or extra design when used. It is the earliest type of parapet and is also very common. Plain parapet roofs are not for aesthetics but are mainly for safety. It is easy to maintain simple and affordable.

A plain parapet design is a regular wall extension. It has a vertical extension at the edge of the rooftop which has concrete coping created at the top and also below. This parapet design can seem dull to some people.

3. Paneled parapet design

A paneled parapet is used to create uniqueness and it adds flair to a plain parapet design. Unlike the plain parapet roof design, paneled parapet designs have decorative panels which give it a unique look outside and make it appealing to the eyes. It is an ornamental parapet and easy to construct.

Paneled parapets are sort after by many homeowners and architects. The panels in this parapet can be rectangular, square, or oblong but it has no openings.

4. Embattled parapets

This parapet design was used for castles mostly as means of defense. The high and low perforation designs on the parapet roofs are captivating.

Embattled parapets are unique but are not around nowadays. It is a parapet from the Middle Ages used for security purposes by arrow shooters in the past. If you are craving something unique and different, then this parapet design is a good choice for you.

5. Perforated parapet design

Perforated parapet roofs are filled with perforations or openings. It is a great addition to your roof. It is an extension of the walls, with openings on the walls making it more creative.

The holes or openings on the wall extensions can be symmetrical or asymmetrical depending on your choice. All these are done with the aesthetic appearance of the structure in mind. The perforations on this parapet can be flower shapes, squares, circles, or trefoils.

6. Glass parapet designs

Glass parapet designs are appealing and unique for modern-day buildings. It has a transparent wall that is built around the edge of the roof or balcony. It provides enough protection and you can easily lean on it without the fear of falling. It allows you to view outside without obstructions but this parapet design is expensive and needs regular maintenance to keep it in good shape.

Other parapet designs in Nigeria

Curved parapet designs: curved parapet designs also known as arched parapet designs are parapets that can be used for inclined rooftops and flat surfaces.

Flat parapet wall design: this parapet wall design is similar to the plain parapet design. The thickness of the wall is similar to that of the plain parapet design

Stepped parapet designs: stepped parapet roofs and walls are designed in a staircase-like structure. It can also be used for inclined roofs and wall structures.

Grill parapet wall designs: this parapet design can be used for balconies. Grill parapet designs are becoming popular because they are affordable, durable, easy to maintain, and can be used to create any design you have in mind.

Border parapet wall design: this is a popular parapet design that provides protection for balconies, walkaways, and edges of roofs. It has a low wall structure that surrounds the roofs and extends outside the structure. Border parapets are great as it is affordable and easy to build. The walls are thin and do not need much space.

Uses of parapets

Parapet designs are used for different purposes which are:

  1. Parapet designs provide protection for you, your family, and your friends when you all are on the rooftop. To prevent anyone from falling.
  2. It prevents heavy winds from disturbing the rooftops
  3. To safeguard equipment and tools that have been stored on the rooftop.
  4. It creates an aesthetic look to the structure of your roof.
  5. Perforated parapets can be used as a defense mechanism in some homes.
  6. It ensures the cleanliness of your building.

Parapets can be used for walls, balconies, and rooftops. From the types of parapets listed above, you can choose any of the designs that suit your style depending on your house and your budget.