P-square’s House in Banana Island: Pictures & Details

Nigerian duo R&B music sensation, Peter and Paul Okoye (popularly known as the P-square brothers) have left fans speechless as pictures of their newly acquired mansion made rounds on social media. 

It’s no news that the twin brothers have a habit of buying themselves extravagant gifts to celebrate their birthday each year, and they did it yet again on their 35th birthday in 2016. 

At its opening, a party was held in the new home with prominent personalities such as Aliko Dangote, popular on-screen comedian AY Makun, Omoni Oboli, amongst many others, invited. 

This multi-million naira mansion was a joint purchase by the twin and their elder brother/manager, Jude Okoye. The three brothers reside in the house together, alongside their three wives and children. 

Details on what the house looked like were rather fuzzy until on Father’s Day the following year, when one of the twin brothers Peter Okoye (also known as Mr. P), posted a picture on Instagram of him and his children lounging in their living room. 

In events following, the brothers have frequently shared pictures of their new home with fans on their social media pages. Curious to know what the house looks like? Keep reading! 

P-Square’s House in Banana Island

psquare house in banana island

The P-square mansion is located in the ‘Billionaires Haven’, Banana Island. Banana Island, Lagos is famous for being one of Nigeria’s most opulent neighborhoods, as it boasts of unequaled grandeur and effortless affluence. 

You will have to be stupendously rich to own a house in this region, as renting a house here costs a minimum of 7 million nairas yearly, which is approximately $19,000 and that is just for rentals. 

If you are fortunate enough to afford such a lifestyle, you will be pleased to find yourself living amidst some of the most influential personalities in the country such as Linda Ikeji, Davido, and Mike Adenuga. 

Owning a portion of land alone cost a fortune, and homeowners in this region are not modest when it comes to land mass. Most homes are built on a large expanse of land because other facilities within the property, like garages, swimming pools, gyms, and staff residences take up a sizeable amount of space.

Overview of the House

The P-square mansion is a two-story duplex consisting of three floors. The exterior of the building is painted in cream and white, and within it are six en-suite bedrooms, several lounges, and a master suite on each floor with dressing rooms, walk-in closets, and king-size washrooms. 

The brothers truly live like kings, as the house is tastefully furnished. There are two massive living rooms, an in-house cinema, a laundry room, a gym, and a state-of-the-art kitchen. 

You would find diverse forms of compelling sculptures which include bright-colored flower vases, exotic mirrors on every wing, and even a miniature elephant. The paintings and ornaments in the home are truly remarkable and scream luxury. 

psquare house in banana island 2

Ground Floor

Moving on to the details on each floor, we would start off with the ground floor. On entering the mansion, you will observe that the materials used in its construction are inarguably some of the very best that money can afford. 

It’s no wonder that the building cost so much as the brothers spent a humongous sum of 1.5 billion nairas (approximately $3.8 million), at the time it was built. 

There is a very colorful portrait hung up in the lounge on this floor. The expensive bar also has a painting hung up on its grey-flushed walls. Compared to the other floors in the building, the ground floor has a rather colorful theme and is brightly lit. 

The kitchen is painted mostly white, with a touch of grey in areas you will hardly notice. There are red blinds directly in front of the sink area, and red chairs arranged around a pearly-white table. 

You will also find a red vase with beautiful wine flowers, a 42-inch TV, and red pendant light fittings on the wall of the kitchen. On the other wing of the living room, is a large dining area with white and grey fittings. 

Just before the stairway that leads up to the first floor, there is a shiny black grand piano sitting elegantly in the corner.

First Floor

The stairway leading up to this floor is really elegant. It has a twirl architecture that gives off the fairytale palace vibes, with a sparking silver chandelier in its very middle. You will observe a lot of shiny mahogany-brown furniture fittings on this floor, starting from the stairway rail tops. 


This floor is not as colorful as the ground floor. Rather than the brightly-colored flower vases and paintings, you will find an assortment of silver/grey-colored sculptures and artifacts which include a silver jaguar, and other monochromatic furniture pieces. 

Second Floor

Details on the contents of the rooms on this floor are obscure, just as with the first. But you can picture this being the part of the building that houses other distinct facilities in the P-square mansion, like the cinema room and recording studio. 

The cinema room is massive with enough comfortable settees arranged in two rows, that can take a large family. It is mostly dimly lit as expected of a cinema hall, with a large viewing screen, and piercing deep-blue lights. There are a couple of colorful throw pillows in the room as well. 

The recording studio is where the P-square brothers make all the magic happen, and when they aren’t hanging out with members of their family, you would mostly find them in this space. They sometimes have meetings here with other non-residents, where they discuss everything about music. 

Outside the Building

Outside the mansion, you will find a large garage that houses fleets of crazily expensive cars which only further boasts of the financial capabilities of the Okoye brothers. On one of the wings of the house, you will find a large swimming pool. 

The swimming pool is partly enclosed from other places in the house, with a wooden picket fence. You will find several mustard yellow-colored floor vases holding green plants around the pool, and the area is well-lit even at night. 

In all, the P-square mansion is flamboyant, stylish, and truly luxurious. It would indeed be on the lips and hearts of many for years to come.