Latest Kitchen Designs in Nigeria (2024)

Dreaming of owning the perfect kitchen? Then no need to look further! This article is here to help you.

Do you have an image of the style of kitchen design you want to have in your home? You are not alone as many people dream of owning a kitchen that is almost or if not downright perfect. However, creating the perfect kitchen in Nigeria can be tasking.  In order to decide on a layout for your kitchen, the size of your kitchen is important as this can increase or reduce your options.

kitchen designs in nigeria

Selecting a kitchen design in Nigeria requires you to choose a design that suits your kitchen size and shape. There are different kitchen designs around the world and in Nigeria as well. Here are different kitchen designs you can use to create a kitchen of your choice.

Amazing Kitchen Designs in Nigeria

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Tips on Setting Up the Perfect Kitchen in Nigeria

Nowadays, people especially women prefer kitchens with larger space, modern types of equipment, and tools to make cooking less stressful and fun. The kitchen is the most important part of a house. A kitchen can be a place for cooking, a casual place for dining or sitting and it can also be a workspace. To get the perfect kitchen design, you have to make use of adequate space, color paint, materials, and layout to complement your style. Here are tips to help you set up the perfect kitchen.


Spacing is very important when creating the perfect kitchen. You have to consider what the space is needed for, do you want your family in the kitchen while you cook? do you invite your friends over to discuss in the kitchen? do you want your kitchen to have a mini dining set? etc. if all these are true, then make sure to include that in your kitchen design and choose from the list of designs that suits your style.

Triangle of efficiency

Your movements from the sink to the gas or stove, and to the countertop should not have many hindrances to enable you to have freedom. This is called the ‘triangle of efficiency’. It is very important when it comes to making use of the arrangements of your kitchen cabinets and countertops.

Arrangement or positioning of kitchen tools

Arrange your kitchen tools and pieces of equipment accordingly (these are your cooking and baking items). This allows you to create space to work better. Arrange things in your cupboards in the right position to enable you to locate them easily. For your kitchen cabinets, arrange them away from your working space. Select the dishes you use for eating and pile them accordingly from special holidays to glassware and seasonal items.

Make usage of your vertical space

To allow space for movements and to achieve a clean kitchen, make use of your vertical space. This includes putting hooks inside the cabinets to hang some of your kitchen tools like spoons, small bowls, and cups. You can also place hooks underneath or above the countertop to hold your wine glasses and mugs. Making use of your vertical space will free up spaces and keep your kitchen coordinated.


Make sure your Windows is not obstructed by kitchen cabinets and shelves. Create your cabinets around the windows. This is to allow adequate natural light into your kitchen. It is a trick to make your kitchen appear bigger and also to always smell fresh.


When flooring your kitchen, tiles are the best option to go for. it is easy to clean and it is appealing. Tiles are the perfect and affordable solution to flooring. You have to be careful when going for tiles with smooth surfaces, they can be sharp and slippery.

Kitchen Design Styles in Nigeria

Here are some of the most popular kitchen styles in Nigeria.

L- Shaped kitchen design

kitchen designs in nigeria L

As the name implies, the L-shaped kitchen forms the shape of an L right off two adjacent walls. This kitchen design allows you to gain functionality and gives you enough space to put many different cabinets.

The L-shaped kitchen design is wonderful especially if you have enough spaces in your kitchen. It allows you to be able to use a section of the kitchen without crowding up your kitchen space.

Single wall kitchen design

kitchen designs in nigeria single wall

The single-wall kitchen design is perfect for minimal spaces. This kitchen design is excellent if your space region is from 1.5 meters and above in width and 2.5 meters and above in length.  Here, you have to arrange your cabinets in a single line, positioning the cabinets’ on one side of the kitchen along the wall.

When using this design, there should be no window on your wall, so as to make use of your kitchen space properly. Your cabinets can be arranged to accommodate your shelved cabinets, upper cabinets, sinks, and cooking unit to utilize space.  In Nigeria, single-wall kitchen designs can be found in most single and double-room apartments.

U-Shaped kitchen design

kitchen designs in nigeria U

The U-shaped kitchen design is the most popular kitchen design in Nigeria. It is very practical as it allows you to fix many appliances and storage cabinets in your kitchen without worrying. The U-shape kitchen design is a well-recognized kitchen design.

To achieve maximum utilization of this kitchen design, you have to create 2 meters of space. This allows you to achieve the functionality as you work in your kitchen, making movements easier.

G-Shaped kitchen design

kitchen designs in nigeria G

The G-shape kitchen design creates an impression of a “G” when it is used. This design is not popular in Nigeria, so if you want uniqueness in your kitchen, then the G-shape kitchen is for you.

To create a G-shape kitchen design, you have to start by making the design look like a U-shape kitchen design but it changes when you add an additional storage cabinet.

 List of Must-have Kitchen Tools and Equipment in a Nigerian kitchen

Apart from creating the perfect kitchen cabinet of your choice, having the important kitchen equipment is essential for maximum utilization of your kitchen space. Here is the kitchen equipment that you must have in your kitchen:

Freezer/Fridge: in Nigeria, there is usually a lot of heat, which comes with food getting spoiled and this can cause wastage of food. With a freezer or fridge, you don’t need to worry about spoilt food and cooking every day. You can make different kinds of food and drinks and store them in your fridge or freezer. If you also need to feel cool during the heat, having a cold drink from the fridge will help you.

Oven /Gas cooker: in order for you to eat, you need a gas cooker or an oven. This is the most important kitchen equipment you must have in your kitchen. It allows you to quickly cook your food and it doesn’t stain your cooking pots. You can easily bake using your oven, setting the timer for when you want your food to be ready.

Microwave: This is must-have kitchen equipment. With the advance in technology, warming food using firewood, a stove or even a gas cooker is unnecessary stress. Microwave allows you to warm your food easily after getting them refrigerated.  It also allows the food to maintain its taste without being cooked or warmed over the fire continuously. Microwaves can also be used for other purposes such as thawing frozen foods, grilling, making popcorn and cooking rice e.t.c.

Blender: welcome to a piece of multi-purpose equipment. You can have everything you need to be blended without using a mortar and pestle. A blender comes with blades, which allows you to blend fruits for smoothies, and vegetables. The blender usually comes with two cups, one for dry foods and another one for liquid. To achieve different levels of blending, you just need to apply different speed levels to your blender.

Water Heater: the water heater can be very helpful in the kitchen. It is directly linked to the tap and enables you to get hot water easily without having to put on the gas. The water heater is very convenient both for cooking and making hot drinks.

Pots: pots are one of the most vital tools in a kitchen. It is quite impossible to cook anything without a pot. Pots are made from different materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron e.t.c.  You can use pots to boil, fry, and roast your food. It is a multi-purpose kitchen tool.

Stove: if you cannot afford to buy a gas cooker, getting a stove is efficient and cheaper. There are different kinds of stoves, the electric stove and the normal stove that uses either gas or kerosene. You can go for the one you want.

Considering all of the above, the best advice when creating your kitchen design is to have an adequate budget that can cover your expenses. Go for the kitchen design you can afford.  Choose the best kitchen design that suits your style and spoil yourself with good kitchen tools and pieces of equipment. Your kitchen should always look clean and well arranged.  Make every cooking a fun and enjoyable experience.