20 Cute Interlocking Designs in Nigeria (2024 Concepts)

Interlocking designs in Nigeria are growing in popularity for several reasons including aesthetic appeal and durability. They are a perfect choice when seeking new ways to convert your unused land space into an attractive usable space.

With the right interlocking design, you can make your living space more attractive while accentuating the beauty of your building. There are different types of interlocking designs.

This post will beam the spotlight on some of the most popular interlocking designs in Nigeria. But let’s start by showing you some amazing interlocking designs you can choose from.

Cool Interlocking Designs in Nigeria

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Types of Interlocking Designs in Nigeria

We can trace the history of interlocking designs back to the Roman empire. Centuries ago, the Romans experimented with different types of interlocking or paving designs and patterns. Their work was so successful that it paved the way for the rapid spread of the use of interlocking designs all over the world.

Today, interlocking designs have evolved due to innovation and technology. These designs have become more sophisticated and intricate presenting us with a wide array of styling options. Now, you can beautify the unused space in your compound and make it more useful with the help of interlocking designs. These designs also come in handy for driveways, patios, pools, and even roads. 

You can adopt any of the popular interlocking designs in Nigeria to make the floors outside your home, office space, or business premises more attractive. Here are some of the more popular options you can choose from:

Herringbone interlocking design

This design is laid in a unique alternative V-shape. It is easily one of the most durable designs out there because of the very stable interlocking pattern. This design is one of the classics and we can trace its origin to the ancient English landscape.

The Herringbone interlocking design presents a very strong visual impact so it is one of the most popular choices for walkways, patios, and driveways. To create this design, you need to lay the interlocking tiles at either 45 degrees or 90 degrees to each other.

Usually, the starting angle determines the overall interlocking pattern. One of the downsides of this design is that it is pretty time-consuming to complete than most of the other designs. However, the process is worth it considering the eye-catching effect that you get afterward.

Basketweave interlocking design 

For this interlocking design, the tiles are laid in pairs. These tiles alternate between vertical and horizontal positions to achieve the basketweave at the end of the day. What you get when the process is complete is a beautiful historic look accompanied by a vintage twist.

One of the perks of this design is that you can mix a variety of tile colors to achieve a very creative finish. Also, you may not need to carry out any cutting when you work with this design. The basketweave interlocking design is mostly used for entertainment, pool, and patio areas. It also comes in handy when using reclaimed bricks for interlocking.

Running bond interlocking design

In this design, the interlocking bricks are laid from one end to another with new row joints placed in the middle of previous rows. The running bond interlocking design is easily one of the most popular interlocking designs in Nigeria.

It is mostly used in the landscaping of residential buildings, patios, entertainment areas, and walkways. One of the main benefits of this interlocking design is strength. This design is highly durable and is also able to handle significant weight.

The running bond interlocking design is a great option for curving garden paths. This is because the pattern can easily flex to bend into curves. The running bond interlocking design is also known as the Stretcher Bond interlocking design.

Stack bond interlocking design

The stack bond interlocking design has interlocking bricks laid beside each other so that all the joints are in line. What you get is a set of strong, visual lines that are properly laid out to form an amazing pattern. This design is mostly used for walkways as well as small areas.

The lines help to make smaller spaces look bigger so this design is also great for small patios. Experts consider this interlocking design to have a low structural value compared to the other designs. This is why they recommend it mostly for aesthetic use alone.

However, the stack bond interlocking design is highly eco-friendly and produces almost zero waste due to the absence of cutting in most cases.

Circular interlocking design

To complete our list of popular interlocking designs in Nigeria, we present to you the circular interlocking design. To create this design, the constructor begins laying the bricks at the center and works outward in a circular manner.

This design is quite trendy and works wonders in driveways and gardens. You can also use it to create focal points in your land space to attract more attention. The only challenge with the circular interlocking design is that it is quite time and labor-intensive.