20 Latest House Painting Designs in Nigeria (2024)

Painting designs create the right ambiance and positive environment in your house and set the mood for spending family time. you can choose from bright to boring, colorful to dull, there is a palette of colors to get you inspired and paint your home.

In this article, you will find out how to select paint color according to your furniture and other decors.

Latest House Painting Designs in Nigeria

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House Painting in Nigeria: What You Need to Know

Be sure to add a neutral theme throughout the house, with bold colors limited to areas such as the hall, bedroom, and bathroom. Buy testers and experiment with the color on the wall you want to paint before using it. look for simple and modern painting designs which will beautify your home.

Interior Painting: This kind of paint is good for the living room and makes it exceptionally soothing and colorful. The white color for the ceiling and the blue color for the partitions are contrary and enhances the furniture inside the home. the sunlight from the windows will liven up the walls, and all through the night, the ceiling lights will liven up the blue walls. this will give your home a bold statement

Double Color Paint: the theme of this paint is usually purple lavender. The combination of these colors gives your home a romantic and unique look. Purple represents peace, pride, creativity, and wisdom which is linked with royalty, ambition, and nobility while lavender is known for feminity and beauty.  A house painting with a white sofa with side lamps in a bright contrasting color makes your living room look breathtaking and serene.

Royal Paint: purple is usually associated with royalty and pinkish-purple colored paint is stylish and classic in the living room. The purple color represents luxury, pride, creativity, wisdom, and wealth, and is linked with royalty and strength. Royal paint on the walls of your home lightens up the house and provides a vibrant mood, combining it with white furniture blends it perfectly to make your home beautiful.

Canvas Painting: canvas painting is a painting that can be done abstractly on the walls of your living room that gives it an aesthetic look, making it look luxurious and artistic. A reddish-orange canvas painting in various types of orange hues leaves an explosion of color on the wall of your living room or hall, a gray-white contrast will beautify the furniture in the room.

Structure Paint: structure paints usually come in deep raspberry color on the walls of your room with muted tones of flowers is the perfect combination to invite nature into your living room. The flowers are installed in 3-D, with their shadows showing on the wall, with the petals flowing in the air, which makes your room feel natural, airier, and lighter.  To achieve a structured painting go for dark and vivid colors like raspberry, in contrast with a white sofa. Be creative.

Nerolac Paint: This painting is very popular and is one of the best painting designs that you can use on the walls of your living room. It creates an illusion of an abstract painting brushed on the wall, which makes your room have a personality. The detailed pattern in different hues of blue or red acts as a backdrop for a maroon sofa which complements the look of your living room. The adjacent wall of your room can be done in bright colors such as sunny yellow, which brightens up and acts as a contrast to the blue or red background.

Peach Color Paint: The peach color is known for immortality and, in Art-Deco, peach-colored wall paintings are often seen mostly in luxury homes. This paint color gives your room a luxurious and gorgeous feel. A piece of matching furniture and the window curtains will enhance the beauty of your room. This painting can be used in children’s rooms too.

Vertical Striped Painting Designs: if you are looking for a bold and energetic house painting design that looks very bright and welcoming, vertical striped painting is for you. The wall is painted in bright colors with broad vertical stripes. It is a uber-modern design that sets up the neutral decor perfectly. It lends a very cheerful personality to your room and creates a cheerful atmosphere in your home.

Floral Painting Designs: This is an interesting paint design for your living room especially if you are a lover of nature. This design has a nice combination of floral vines with butterflies fluttering around them. Floral painting design can be achieved by painting one corner of the wall and extending its branches to look like a real tree. It includes powder blue or green flowers and butterflies, which are very soothing and warm colors.

Bright Wall Painting: Bright colors are usually bold statement colors and easily blend in with your furniture. This bright yellow, pink, lemon green shade goes well with the furniture and makes the entire room vibrant and lively.

Modern Painting Design: modern painting design has a perfect example which is tangerine color. Here the walls of your room can be painted in bold orange color, with the ceiling a lighter orange or white to give it some contrast. The doorway might be painted in a deeper hue of orange, and the floor can be painted in contrasting shades of orange, making your living room sunny and unique

Tape Painting Design: The tape design is a modern abstract painting and covers two walls of your living room. brightly colored stripes are used In creating an ingenious conceptual design, which has been unveiled after peeling off the paint. It creates a funky, cheerful, and youthful energy into your home and brightens it up with its modern vibes. Get some fashionable sofas or curtains and you are all set.

Paintings make your home comfortable, neat, safe, and lovely. Painting design is an art. Combining colors beautifully can give your home a mood or vibe. You can determine which color combination is best to achieve a specific feeling in a space. Choosing the proper painting design will make your home look more spacious, even if your home is small.