15 Superb Gazebo Designs in Nigeria (2024 Concepts)

A gazebo is a small building that is constructed just outside the main building. This building is usually set up in the garden and adds to the aesthetics of the building.

While gazebos are not too popular in this part of the world, there are several exciting gazebo designs in Nigeria. This post will show you the key features of a gazebo and some benefits of having a gazebo in your home.

Amazing Gazebo Designs in Nigeria

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Key Features of Gazebo Designs in Nigeria 

Gazebos provide protection from weather elements while helping to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. When choosing gazebo designs in Nigeria, there are certain key features that you must look out for. Some of these features include:

Concrete base

The location of a gazebo exposes it to several weather elements. These elements can have destructive effects on the gazebo if it doesn’t have a strong foundation. One of the best ways to protect this external building is to work with a strong foundation made from concrete.

Doing this protects the building from heavy winds and floods. Usually, the remaining part of the gazebo is made from wood. As such, the concrete base provides support for the whole structure so that the walls can hold in adverse weather conditions.

Open sides

One of the main differences between gazebos and other structures is their open sides. Gazebos are usually constructed in gardens. Because of this, the open sides help to present anyone sitting in the structure with an open view of the rest of the landscape.

While the structure should provide some privacy, it should still have a seating area that is open enough for you to enjoy a 360-degree view. This way, you can enjoy relaxing in your garden.


As we mentioned earlier, a gazebo should give you a clear view of the beautiful scenery of your surroundings while providing privacy. Because of this, the position of the structure is paramount. You cannot have the gazebo too close to your garden wall, or else you won’t have the best views of the surrounding.

The structure has to be in a vantage position so that, while you are relaxing, you can still drink in the beautiful views from your garden and the rest of the surrounding landscape. Most people prefer to place their gazebos in the center of the garden.

However, if you notice that this location doesn’t provide sufficient privacy, then you should consider setting it in a corner of the garden. This corner should offer you at least a 270-degree view of the garden, which is still sufficient for relaxing.


When you consider the functions of a gazebo, it is impossible to set one up without having chairs. You should check out some exciting outdoor furniture ideas when constructing your gazebo. Consider some of the ideas on DIY sites and Pinterest.

This structure should offer you a similar serenity to what you get from a patio or any other outdoor seating area. While some people prefer benches, you can also consider reclining seats. You may even have an outdoor sofa to help you relax more. Be as creative as you can with your furniture.

Benefits of Having a Gazebo

Gazebos present us with several exciting benefits. This section will highlight some of the most important benefits of choosing one of the popular gazebo designs in Nigeria. Check them out below:

Protects from the rain

Have you ever been out in your garden enjoying the beautiful view or preparing some barbecue and then it starts raining? You’d have to run into the main house when this occurs and all the fun comes to an end.

With a gazebo, you don’t have to. A gazebo protects you during the rain. It is the perfect shade for you and your guests when the rains start to pour.

Acts as shade from the sun

The sun can be quite high and scorching in the tropics. As such, staying in the garden in the open air can be a little uncomfortable, even around the evening time. No one would enjoy beautiful garden views with the sun beating down on their skins.

You can protect yourself and your guests from this by setting up a gazebo in your garden. This way, you can come into the garden at any time of the day to attend to your guests, take some coffee, or just relax.

Provides space for outdoor dining and entertainment

If you have a large garden and like to host friends, then having a gazebo is a must. This structure is perfect for hosting family gatherings and friends who come to hang out. You can set in place a few pieces of equipment like a grill, sound system, and some chairs. This way, you can enjoy a nice time in the garden when you have people around.