Latest Flat Roof Designs in Nigeria (2024)

A roof is an important part of a building that covers the upper part of a house from rain and sun.  Flat roofs are most popular because it is one of the most used roof styles in Nigeria.  Flat roof buildings are a very popular model and it is quite affordable.

In this article, you will see the different types of flat roof designs and you can install any of them based on your style and your choice. You should also take into consideration your budget, which also depends on the materials used in creating the roof.

Amazing Flat Roof Designs in Nigeria

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Unique Roof Designs in Nigeria

Secret Roofing Designs in Nigeria

Types of Flat Roof Designs in Nigeria

Flat roof designs usually come in:

  • Latest and contemporary flat roof designs: designs on this type of flat roof are simple and standard. Due to seasonal climate change, care must be taken while building this roof. The Latest and contemporary flat roof designs are installed mostly on commercial buildings since the levels are more required. Commercial buildings are known globally for this design.
  • Small and stylish flat roof design: this type of roof is built in areas with less rainfall. It is built with less labor work and the roof is built in concrete to prevent heat from the sun. Flat roofs are usually used in commercial buildings. Care must be taken when building flat roofs to prevent leakages due to rainfall.

Here are the types of flat roof designs in Nigeria

There are different types of flat roofs you can choose from based on your style. These roofs vary in texture, functionality, price, and quality.

Green roof system

This type of flat roof design is also called the eco-roof, vegetative roof, or living roof. A green roof system design can give you additional structures like drainage, irrigation systems, and root-barrier.  This roof is mostly or partly covered by green leaves which are made possible by building a waterproof system underneath the roof.

Green roofs can last up to 15years. It does not only represent beauty but also represents nature.  You can be able to get quality air from your home due to this flat roof design and it reduces the money spent on energy. Green flat roofs can be quite difficult to maintain as you would have to weed them occasionally to invasive plants from growing on your roof causing damage.

This roof design is expensive to build but it is eco-friendly and functions in bio-diversity creating a home for wildlife. The advantage of a green flat roof can be harmful to nearby streams because it absorbs stormwater, helping with the drainage system.

Built-up flat roofing design

The structure of this roof is made of gravel and hydrocarbon which are used to cover the flat roof. The built-up roof design is very popular and commonly used in industrial and commercial buildings.

This roof design has a lot of tar and asphalt which forms three layers on the flat roof while the gravel covers the tar from ultraviolet rays of the sun, this is to enable the roof to last long and not damage easily.Tar is not DIY-friendly due to its foul smell while gravel is better because it is fire resistant and prevents fire outbreaks.

The built-up flat roof design is very affordable and cheap to construct. It is advisable for you to use this flat roof design for residential buildings. The only problem with this roof design is that the gravel makes the roof heavy, which clogs the gutter causing drainage problems. If not properly maintained you might be forced to spend money on repairs, as it is often difficult to know where the leakage is from.

Modified Bitumen System (MBS)

This is a hydrated roof system that has a combination of traditional roofing installation and high technology formulation. This is employed in the built-up roof design and likened to it because it has asphalt as a component. Unlike the built-up flat roof made up of three layers, the modified bitumen system is made up of two layers.

This roof design uses elastomeric roof coating to close up the roof. Modified bitumen system comes in two types; torch down systems and self-adhering systems. The self-adhering system is Diy friendly, it is easier to install and safe. It uses coated bitumen basement to provide low sloping roofs. The torch don system fabricated layers of asphalt that are modified using a rubber material.

The only problem with the modified bitumen system flat roof design is its short lifespan and it can crack easily.

Rubber roofs (EPDM Roofs)

This roof design is one of the most durable flat roofs with one single ply. Rubber roofs are synthetic rubber used mostly on flat roofs and it is very durable. This roof can be installed without heat and can be installed using three methods which are, using ballasted roofs, mechanical attachment, and full adhesion which is the most durable amongst them.

The full adhesion is installed by applying industrial adhesive-like glue. Rubber roofs can be easily installed with the help of technology. Rubber roofs are resistant to ultraviolet rays and temperature fluctuations, they do not wear off easily. The only problem with this roof is that it can be punctured and can absorb heat, apart from that the roofs can be patched.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Membrane

This type of flat roof design is made up of salt and fossil fuel, chlorine, and ethylene are combined to create further reactions to form vinyl. PVC flat roof design is very common and it is resistant to flat roof agents like a hurricane wind, fire, chemicals, and ultraviolet rays. It can hold energy due to its inherent light color.

The only problem with polyvinyl chloride membrane is the release of bio-accumulative toxins with has side effects and threatens the environment.


Flat roofs are easy to maintain. The right type of flat roof design can enhance the beauty of your building and makes you feel comfortable in your home. From the above, you can choose the flat roof design that suits your style and your budget.