Exterior Wall Tiles Designs in Nigeria (2024 Ideas)

Exterior wall tiles designs in Nigeria are useful for redecorating old walls and adding uniqueness to new ones. These wall designs can be seen in residential buildings, business venues, office spaces, and so on.

Interestingly, tiles are becoming more popularly used in construction work these days for both floors and walls. There are several reasons behind this. In this post, we will look at some of the benefits of adopting exterior wall tile designs in Nigeria.

But first, let’s look at pictures of some amazing exterior wall tile designs in Nigeria.

Amazing Wall Tile Designs in Nigeria

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Benefits of Exterior Wall Tiles Designs in Nigeria

In recent times, more homeowners are switching to the use of exterior wall tiles designs in Nigeria instead of traditional wall painting. This is largely because wall tiles possess several admirable features such as durability and toughness.

The question that most novices to this idea ask is, “why use exterior wall tiles designs in Nigeria?” If you have this same question on your mind, here are a few pros of exterior wall tiles to help you out.


If you are looking for an affordable option to decorate your exterior walls, you should consider using wall tiles. The prices of these tiles are dependent on their variety, type, and quality.

You should make your choice based on how much you are willing and able to pay at the moment. While there are very expensive wall tiles, you will still find many affordable ones that present very high quality. Experts will tell you that wall tiles are the more affordable alternative for some of the popular expensive wall finish materials.

Asides from purchasing wall tiles, installing and maintaining them are pretty affordable as well. You don’t need to break the bank to install wall tiles since the process does not require too much expertise.


Another top advantage of using exterior wall tiles is that they present you with a very wide variety. In fact, there is more variety with wall tiles than with any other exterior wall finish material. These tiles come in different textures, types, designs, and colors.

All you need to do is to figure out which type of wall tiles you need to accentuate the beauty of your building and with little research, you should find an array of designs. Pick the one that best suits your home and that you can afford.


As mentioned above, installing wall tiles is far easier than installing any of the other wall finish materials. Let’s say you want to paint your exterior walls, for example. You need to hire a professional painter else the job will look shabby and you would make your walls look out of place.

However, you don’t need too much expertise to install wall tiles. In fact, you can complete the task by yourself once you watch a few YouTube videos. Asides from the process being uncomplicated, it is also not time-consuming.

If you had to install marble, it may take several weeks depending on the size of your external walls. However, you can complete the same process in two or three days if you work with wall tiles.


Walls will end up getting dirty after some time, especially if you have a lot of traffic around you or the road beside your wall is dusty. This means that you need to clean the walls from time to time.

Cleaning a concrete or marble wall can be quite tricky. If you make a little mistake, you could damage the walls. For example, exposing these walls to excessive water may damage the materials covering the walls.

Water resistance

Experts believe that this is the most important advantage of investing in external wall designs in Nigeria. In most parts of Nigeria, rain falls for a major part of the year. As a result, concrete walls get soaked by water and their paint soon wears off.

When you use wall tiles for your external walls, you save yourself from this problem. This is because wall tiles are water-resistant. As such, they are impervious to the negative effects of water on the wall. Truth be told, no other wall finish material in the same category as wall tiles possesses this property, not even marble.

Not affected by extreme weather conditions

This is another very important advantage of using exterior wall tiles. Usually, the walls on the exterior of a building are exposed to different weather elements like rainfall, sunshine, heat, etc. While most of the materials used in finishing walls may be affected by these weather elements, wall tiles are not.

This is why wall tiles do not fade after being installed for several years, unlike wall paint. Even if the color of the tiles fades, it will only be slightly. As a result, experts suggest that you invest in light hues when choosing the colors for your external wall tile designs.