25 Modern Duplex Designs in Nigeria (2024)

Duplex houses are common in Nigeria and are favoured by both the wealthy and the middle-class. Duplex houses are typically wide and comfortable, yet they take up less land space compared to other building types. They also reek of prestige.

Here, we’d be showing you some of the latest duplex designs in Nigeria. Feel free to choose from any of these designs if you’re considering building your own duplex in any part of the country.

Amazing Duplex Designs in Nigeria

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Types of Duplex Houses in Nigeria

Portable 4 bedroom duplex

The portable 4 bedroom duplex can be built for both commercial and private purposes. If you have land, maybe a half plot, you can still build this type of duplex and still be able to have extra space for a car.

The rooms in a portable 4 bedroom duplex are en suite. Apart from the 3 rooms available, it has a guest room that is separated from the rest of the house for security reasons. The dining room and kitchen area are connected to the big main lounge.

Executive 4 bedroom duplex royal

if you like a big house that is very spacious, then the royal executive 4 duplex house is for you. Every part of this house is a bit bigger than the normal standard house designs. This house is mostly designed for wealthy people who need something extra from the normal house plan designs.

The royal 4 bedroom duplex design is ideal for one and a half plot of land but it can also be built on one plot of land. In this duplex, there is an entrance, a single volume sitting room, a mini lounge, and a dining area which leads to a lobby then a kitchen, a store, and a library. The restroom is located on the upper floor and all these are en suites with another private lounge and a master library.  The guest room is designed in a way that it serves as a self-contained house.

5 bedroom duplex with penthouse

This duplex design is unique and luxurious. It has a normal-sized living room for visitors and the visitor’s room can be entered from there. In a 5 bedroom duplex penthouse, the guest’s living room leads to a spacious main living room which flows directly into a large kitchen.

The kitchen has a storeroom and from there you can access the terrace and then to the laundry room. This type of duplex has the main living room which has a beautiful staircase that takes you to an opening on the first floor and you can see the master’s bedroom from there. The master’s bedroom is also linked to the madam’s bedroom.

From the open landing, you can access the children’s room and the family’s living room. The 5 bedroom duplex has a pent floor which also has a living room, a big bedroom, a kitchenette, and a hangout spot that circulates the whole floor.  This duplex design can approximately have 4 living rooms, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and 6 toilets.

5 bedroom duplex

This duplex design has everything you would need in a house. It has a library, dining hall, a sitting room that is connected to a staircase, a kitchen, and a laundry room. The first floor has an extra lounge and all the rooms are standard. If you want to build a 5 bedroom duplex design, you can buy a plot of land of about 50 x 100 ft. it would be enough to get you that dream house.

Traditional 8 bedroom bungalow duplex

Do you have a large family and you are looking for a duplex spacious and beautiful, then this duplex design is the one for you. The traditional bedroom bungalow duplex design has 8 rooms with each of these rooms having its bathroom and toilets. This duplex has a courtyard and the yard receives sunlight directly from the sun to brighten other parts of the house.

All the 8 rooms are of standard sizes; the main lounge is spacious and has access to the dining area which can also link you to the kitchen. The traditional bedroom bungalow duplex design has a lobby that connects to an exit door. This type of duplex design is very comfortable and every member of your family can live together but also have privacy.

Elevated contemporary duplex

This duplex design does not look like a duplex at first sight but it is. It comes with a bedroom with a full bathroom attached to it, a kitchen, and the main room. The first floor is good for family members who want to live separately from the main room. The elevated contemporary duplex design has a nice place to relax outside; two bedrooms on the second floor and attached to it is a full bathroom.  It also has two-car garages which have an elevated patio that allows you to see your surroundings.

The contemporary craftsman duplex

This type of duplex design is very common. It has two separate entrances which is what a craftsman style has. The contemporary craftsman duplex design has a patio space where you can relax with your family; it also has two separate garages. If you are looking for something beautiful and unique then this is the duplex design for you.

Duplex house designs are becoming more dynamic and unique as people want to achieve a comfortable way of living. If you are looking for a building that is spacious with a luxurious style, then you should go for a duplex. You also get to have ample space outdoor and get to relax with your family. With the different designs listed above, you can choose any duplex design that suits your style and enjoy the comforts that come with it.