Davido’s House in Banana Island: Pictures & Details

Multi-award-winning singer and songwriter Davido (David Adedeji Adeleke) gifted himself a new house in Banana Island following his amazing performance the previous year. The early months of 2022 seemed to be a shopping spree for the movie star, and in this article, we’ll be looking at one of the most expensive properties he got.

Davido’s House in Banana Island, Lagos

davido's house in banana island

In this article, we’ll be giving an in-depth review/tour of his newly acquired home in Banana Island. Without wasting much time, let’s get to it!

Davido’s House in Banana Island: Location

Banana Island is home to some of the most expensive and luxurious properties on the continent. It’s also home to the highest concentration of billionaires in Africa; 36 occupants of this island own private jets. More so, the average price of houses on Banana Island is 400 million nairas.

While that’s the case, the building of Davido’s new apartment is called the Giuliano De’ Medici, named after the De’ Medici family which was a powerful family that captured the ideals and principles of the Florence Renaissance.

Davido’s House: Overview of the House

The Giuliano was designed by Sujimoto Construction, one of the best luxury real estate development companies in Africa. The building has eight luxury 5-bedroom terrace apartments and two of the best penthouses in Lagos. It also has a car garage for three cars, a cinema, and a general 5ft pool. Davido recently purchased one of the units in this multi-million dollar mansion – his apartment is what we’ll be discussing in this article.

There was a lot of architectural detail put into the construction of this building. From the glass finishing to lighting and even CCTV cameras for maximum security, the Giuliano is truly a home for anyone that can afford it. More so, some utilities like gates are automated, adding more luxury to the already rich feeling of the house.

Main Living Room

davidos house 2

As expected, the living room is located on the first floor of the apartment. While artworks on the wall and exquisite lightings are something to be fascinated about, the handmade Bentley furniture is what really catches the fancy of people with high taste.

In total, the house is decorated with Bentley, Cartier, and Fendi furniture and sheets. More so, marble tabletops seal the deal to put the living room on the same level as what you’d get in most five-star hotels in Lagos.


Kitchens in an apartment often don’t get at a lot of attention from constructors, so we usually do not expect to be wowed, but Sujimoto takes every single detail extremely seriously – thus we’ve got a kitchen space that’ll rival any royal or presidential apartment. The lightings are just as creative as what’s seen in the main living room, showing no signs of negligence to details by the constructor.

Most of the appliances in the kitchen (and the entire house) were made by Bosch, a high-end German manufacturer of household equipment. The kitchen comes with a Five-burner Gas cooker, an induction cooker, and an oven to give the cook options of whatever suits their dish. And of course, other luxurious amenities like a TV and window for a panoramic view are made available.


The first sight of the master bedroom that depicts luxury is that it has its private sitting area – where the furniture is designed by the popular fashion brand, Cartier. While that’s the case, we have electronic curtains installed to further ease the stress you need to go through if you want to get a view of the city from your bedroom window. And of course, the classic king-sized bed, exquisite lighting, and ornaments to get the desired luxurious finish.

Next, we explore the walk-in closet which is well crafted with a plethora of drawers and wardrobes – sure a superstar like Davido has a lot of clothes and jewelry to occupy all available spaces. Moving further to the bathroom and toilet in the master bedroom, we have a smart mirror and bath uniquely shaped bathtubs.

The majority of the items in the bathroom are made of Porcelanosa and designed by Zaha Hadid. Also, the bathroom is equipped with electronic showers to further raise the bar when we define a luxurious home.

Aside from the master bedroom, the other four bedrooms are equally designed to meet the level of luxury seen in the entire house. All bedrooms have a private sitting area with luxurious furniture, electronic curtains, distinctive lighting, and a walk-in closet. Perhaps the only notable difference in quality is the available view, massive spacing, and king-sized bed available in the master bedroom.

Other Houses Owned by Davido

In truth, it’s difficult to know the number of houses under the singer’s name. There’s a level of wealth you get to accumulate and the public losses count on the properties that you own. At any rate, there are three main houses confirmed to be in his name.

The first is a home in Atlanta Georgia in the United States believed to be worth over 60 million nairas, then there’s a mansion in Lekki Lagos rumored to be around 140 million nairas, and finally the recently acquired apartment in Banana Island for about 630 million naira.