Latest Bed Frame Designs in Nigeria (2024)

Getting quality sleep from your bed goes beyond buying a top-quality mattress. You should also invest in a bed frame that ticks all the checkboxes required for sound sleep and looks seductively beautiful as well.

In this post, we’d be showing you some amazing bed frame designs in Nigeria that you can choose from. Whether you’re just setting up your new bedroom or you’re planning to change your current bed frame to a new one, you’d find impressive options on this page.

bed frame designs in nigeria

More importantly, you’d also learn the important stuff you need to know before choosing a bed frame, so you can make a well-informed buying decision.

Now, let’s cut right to the chase!

Amazing Bed Frame Designs in Nigeria

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Choosing a Bed Frame in Nigeria: Things to Consider

Since the bed frame is the main support system for your bed, whether you’d get to enjoy your bed or not hinges largely on your choice of the bed frame. So, choosing the right bed frame isn’t something you want to skimp on. Here are some of the most important things to consider when choosing a bed frame for your bedroom in Nigeria.

1. Mattress Size

If you already love your current mattress and are perfectly fine with its size, then you need to factor in its size when buying a bed frame to use with it. For a proper fitting bed, your bed frame must perfectly match your mattress size.

2. Bedroom Size

If you’re buying a completely new bed, probably because you’re just getting into a new apartment, you’re free to choose any bed size you want. But then, you need to consider the size of your bedroom. You don’t want a bed that is so big that there’s almost little space left in your bedroom for walking around.

3. Height

The height of your bed frame is another important consideration. If you prefer staying low to the ground, then a low-height bed frame is your best bet. But if you have mobility issues or want more height for other reasons, choose a taller bed frame.

4. Style

In Nigeria, the three most popular bed frame styles include platform, panel, and sleigh. Platform beds are low-profile beds designed to eliminate the use of a box spring. A panel bed is taller and has a headboard. And a sleigh bed has both a headboard and a footboard. Your choice of bed frame style is totally down to your personal preferences, but you might want to favour an option that complements the overall design or theme of your bedroom.

5. Material

Bed frames are usually made of wood or metal. Other options are the leather and fabric upholstery bed frames, which typically have wooden skeletons. Wood and metal each has its pros and cons. But most importantly, the quality of whichever option you choose is very important. Low-quality metal bed frames can bend easily under heavy weight, while low-quality wooden options can break or pull apart over time.

6. Legs

Before choosing a bed frame, look at its base. If you have fragile carpets or tiles, go for a bed frame that provides protection with glides or covers, so the legs won’t tear or scratch your carpet or tiles. If you’d have to move your bed around every now and then, consider a bed frame with wheels.

7. Support System

The essence of getting a bed frame is to support your mattress. So, every part of the bed frame must help to achieve this. So, choose a bed frame with slats that are strong enough to support heavy weights. Slats that bend easily would most likely break. The number of slats and the spacing between them is a good indicator of what to expect. The more closely packed the slats are, the stronger support they’ll provide for your mattress.

Bed Frames in Nigeria: Materials

The material from which your bed frame is made determines not only the strength and durability of your bed frame but also the overall beauty of your bedroom. Bed frames in Nigeria are typically made from metal, wood, leather, or upholstery.

Metal bed frames in Nigeria

These are made of iron, aluminium, steel, brass, or other alloys. Metal bed frames can be either lightweight or heavy, depending on the type and quality of the metal used in its construction.

Metal bed frames are usually strong and durable, so you don’t have to worry about the material getting weaker or breaking over time. They also have a timeless look and can complement many bedroom styles. Depending on its design, a metal bed frame can add a masculine touch to your bedroom with clean, sleek lines, or a feminine flair with featured scrollwork.

Wooden bed frames in Nigeria

Wooden bed frames in Nigeria are typically made from oak, mahogany, and other popular wood types. They are widely favoured among consumers because they have a natural and organic look that adds appealing warmth to bedrooms, and they are mostly cheaper than metal bed frames.

While wooden bed frames can be treated to resist swelling and warping, they are prone to shrinking during hot periods and are liable to break or lose their aesthetic appeal over time.

Leather bed frames in Nigeria

Available in both faux and genuine leather, these bed frames are favoured by those who place a premium on aesthetics and class. Leather bed frames are typically designed in two styles: as platform beds or as sleigh beds.

Leather beds usually have their skeleton made of wood, which supports the leather and makes it sturdy and durable. The prices of leather bed frames vary based on the quality of the leather used. They can be more expensive than other types of bed frames, and they require active maintenance to preserve their beauty and strength over time.

Upholstery bed frames in Nigeria

Fabric upholstered bed frames are favoured by those who value comfort and prefer the durability advantage that fabric has over leather. These bed frames offer exceptional comfort and usually come with padded headboards upholstered in thick fabric materials like cotton or linen.

As with leather bed frames, upholstered bed frames feature a wooden skeleton. While fabric typically lasts longer than leather, it is prone to stains and would therefore require regular and spot cleaning.