Modern Aluminum Window Designs in Nigeria (2024)

Windows play several key roles in a building. From acting as a source of ventilation to improving the aesthetics of the building. Your windows go a long way to speak about the quality of your building and the personality of the owner.

One material that has become very popular when making windows in Nigeria is aluminum. Why are aluminum windows now becoming more popular in Nigeria?

This post will show you a few reasons why you should consider using aluminum windows in Nigeria. But first, let’s look at some beautiful aluminium window designs in Nigeria.

Amazing Aluminium Window Designs in Nigeria

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Benefits of Using Aluminum Window Designs in Nigeria

Windows are designed from several materials including wood, iron, steel, and aluminum. These days, more people are investing in aluminum window designs in Nigeria. Are you wondering why you should follow their lead?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider choosing aluminum window designs in Nigeria:

Long-lasting powder-coated finishes

Aluminum windows go through a powder-coating process to provide them with a beautiful finish. This process is very reliable and highly effective, giving aluminum windows a better finish than most of the windows designed using other materials.

Usually, the powder coating process works with an array of over 150 color tones to choose from. This means that you have a wide array of aluminum window colors to work with, depending on the color of your building.

Contemporary and sleek aesthetics

There is no denying that aluminum windows are very sleek and attractive. These windows are the perfect option if you are looking at adopting a contemporary theme for your building.

Aluminum windows evoke an unusual style of attractiveness because of their minimalist frames and clean lines. These features ensure that aluminum windows are the perfect choice for contemporary buildings.

As such, you will notice more people are using these windows for new constructions as well as for treating their homes during renovation operations.

Lightweight and strong

Aluminum possesses a very high weight-to-strength ratio. What this means is that you don’t need so much aluminum to withstand huge amounts of glazing when compared to other materials used for constructing windows.

While these windows are very strong, they are also very light. As such, even young individuals can operate these windows successfully without any stress. Aluminum windows help to maintain a contemporary style because of the large glass surfaces and less bulky frames.


One of the factors that you must consider when choosing materials for windows is versatility. Aluminum has proven to be a very versatile material for window construction.

You can use it to construct different types of window styles for a wide array of buildings. They work perfectly for residential buildings, office constructions, and business spaces. This is why you will notice that many new properties, retail structures, and high-rise apartments work with aluminum windows.

Resists corrosion

Windows are exposed to all kinds of weather conditions. Because of this, they may suffer wear and tear or abrupt damage because of adverse weather. One challenge that affects metal windows is corrosion. This is due to the action of air and moisture on the surface of the metal.

The interesting thing with aluminum windows is that they don’t present such risks. These windows possess very high air and water resistance and because of this, they hardly get corroded. Asides from this, windows made from aluminum do not experience cracking, rotting, or swelling, as you will experience in windows made from other materials.


The cost of building materials in Nigeria is constantly on the rise. Windows are quite costly to purchase and install. The cost of windows is largely influenced by the type of materials used in their construction.

Aluminum happens to be one of the most affordable materials used in constructing windows in Nigeria today. As such, installing aluminum windows is comparably cheaper than windows made from other materials. 

Easy maintenance

One of the main costs of owning windows lies in the maintenance of these windows. Different types of windows require different levels of maintenance procedures. Again, the type of window you use determines the cost of maintenance. Aluminum windows require very little maintenance.

As mentioned above, these windows are resistant to corrosion, cracking, swelling, and rotting. They may lose their color after a very long time, but with a little paint, you will get the frame looking great again. Meanwhile, the only frequent maintenance procedure is to clean the windows a few times a year depending on your location.


Durability is a very important factor to consider when choosing windows for any building. Out of all the window types common in Nigeria today, aluminum windows seem to be one of the most durable.

These windows are resistant to several challenges that affect windows. Because of this, they can last several years if properly maintained. If you are looking for a window for the long haul, you should consider aluminum windows.