About WHAO.com.ng

One of the sweetest things about Nigeria is that the country is blessed with creative individuals across various professions. This explains why you’d find more-than-countable options when trying to select a suitable design or style for anything you need — from outfits to building design and finishing.

The truth is, if you search the web and social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, you’d find tons of pictures showing the creative works of Nigerian architects, designers, tailors, and other artisans as well as other professionals. However, most of these pictures are usually scattered on different pages. This makes comparison and selection quite difficult.

Enter WHAO.com.ng!

This website was created in February 2022 to serve as an online hub for pictures and information on Nigerian architectural designs, building finishing works, and other stuff that show off the creativity of Nigerian professionals. Our target audience comprises Nigerians who need creative design ideas to adopt for their various projects.

The pictures and vital details published on WHAO.com.ng have been thoroughly researched and verified for originality, correctness, and accuracy. And because we understand that certain design trends change quickly, we constantly update our pages by adding images and information on newly trending designs.

WHAO.com.ng is owned and run by a team of Nigerian webpreneurs and researchers who are on a mission to the site one of the Internet’s most authoritative and reliable sources of creative design ideas for Nigerians and other people who might be interested in Nigerian concepts. The site generates income via contextual ads placed within its content.

If you want to get in touch with us for any reason, simply reach our Chief Editor by sending an email to basicfreelance (AT) gmail (DOT) com.