Latest 3D Wallpaper Designs in Nigeria (2024)

Do you want to get a unique and stylish result that will make your home attractive to a guest? Then 3D wallpaper will do that for you.  Wallpaper was considered a common design material and it still has not lost its relevance but has transformed tremendously with different patterns, shades, and textures.

3D wallpapers attract the attention of guests and can transform your home. This wallpaper range is quite wide with some wallpapers having images of nature (thick forest, night city, the ocean, high mountains, and sky), animals, urban landscape, space objects, and painting reproductions. You can use three-dimensional wallpapers anywhere in your home or office.

3d wallpaper designs in nigeria

Amazing 3D Wallpaper Designs in Nigeria

3D wallpapers are budget-friendly and come in different designs and styles. Here are some amazing 3D wallpaper designs in Nigeria that will wow anyone any day!

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3D Wallpaper Designs in Nigeria: Styles & Concepts

Solitary wallpaper

3d wallpaper solitary

This is of wallpaper is unlike some other canvas because the image is applied on its parts, not on the whole wall, this enables you to highlight a particular area of your room.

This style of 3D wallpaper is the easiest to achieve as it has a clear framework.  It is recommended that you use color borders or frames to make the picture look logical. You can also use single 3D wallpapers to decorate your room.

Non-woven or vinyl wallpaper

3d wallpaper vonyl

The surface of this canvas is resistant to dirt and moist which makes this wallpaper suitable for rooms with high humidity.

Panoramic wallpaper

3d wallpaper panoramic

This wallpaper design is the leader amongst other 3D wallpapers. It is stylish and unique because it is a different type of design art. This design can give you a more realistic look when placed on the entire wall surface.

It is recommended that you choose a neutral image, do not for bright shades or small geometric patterns. Panoramic wallpapers are quite expensive and need to be done by a professional. The wallpaper needs to be glued to the wall in such a way that no air bubbles are formed between the wall and the wallpaper.

If air bubbles are found, the wallpaper may not last long leading to extra costs to get it fixed. No matter what you might encounter to achieve this wallpaper, the result will be excellent.

Rolled wallpaper

3d wallpaper rolled

Another name for this wallpaper is called “standard”. Installing this wallpaper, strip by strip will give you a complete picture. Geometric patterns are used to achieve the 3D effect on rolled wallpaper.

Rolled wallpaper can be installed in a separate wall, giving your home a stylish accent.  Do not expect much from this wallpaper as I cannot reproduce landscapes or paintings. With Rolled wallpaper, you can carry out the installation of the rolls by yourself. This wallpaper does not require you to adjust the length or width of the canvas.

Fluorescent wallpaper

3d wallpaper fluorescent

The beauty of this wallpaper manifests itself in the night. As soon as it becomes dark, your room will begin to glow; this is a result of phosphorus applied during the production process.

Are you wondering if phosphorus will affect your health? The answer is no it would not. To get the effect you desire, you can use a wallpaper covering that glows or fluorescent bulbs

LED wallpaper

3d wallpaper led

This wallpaper type has a unique effect that is obtained using the LED backlight.  This 3D wallpaper is very promising. You can change the image of your wallpaper to any image you desire using LED.

This wallpaper is controlled using a remote control and even a mobile app. With this remote, you can adjust the color and brightness of your wallpaper. You can also deactivate some parts of the wallpaper using the remote controller

How to choose the right 3D wallpaper for your home

Choosing a wallpaper design can be confusing due to the different wonderful designs available. In order to choose a wallpaper design, you must take into consideration the advantage of these wallpapers.

The intent of these wallpapers depends on where you want to use them in your home. Here are ways you can choose wallpaper designs for your home

Wallpaper style

If you are choosing wallpaper for your home, especially the living room areas then you don’t need to worry about that because the living room can accommodate any design you decide to use there. No matter what style you decide to use, make sure the wallpaper style goes well with the rest of your decoration. Wallpaper styles come in different varieties such as

Glam: the glam wallpaper style consists of glitter or crystal, embossed, dramatic, and flocked designs.

Country: this includes a country motif and a plaid pattern style.

Formal: you can use formal interior wallpaper such as hand-painted print. This wallpaper benefits from different designs.

Casual: this includes enhancing your home décor with the use of the floral, plant, and textured print.

Wallpaper colors

Choose colors that match your furniture, curtains, and flooring. You can repeatedly use the color palette that goes with your wallpaper choice.

Use plain or pattern wallpapers

Do you have upholstery or patterned draperies, and then tone-on-tone pattern wallpaper will easily accentuate your home. Plain wallpaper has different patterns but you are not limited to using just it. It is very important to choose the right pattern size and colors. Patterns come in different sizes both large and small patterns.

Make your own design

If you creative person, an expert in design or are literate with online tools then you can create your own unique wallpaper design yourself. You can add your idea to your home by working with an expert to transform your ideas into wallpaper.

Tips for the Perfect 3D Wallpaper

In choosing wallpaper designs, the materials chosen should make the room more coordinated.  Take your selection seriously and choose images and colors that emphasize your home. Here are some tips to help you get wallpaper that will accentuate your home and hide its shortcomings;

  1. Do not use images that have large volumes or bright colors for small rooms.
  2. Use a color palette on all the surfaces that are consistent in a single range to give your room a natural look.
  3. You can use changing images, textured and multicolored images for large rooms. Since you are decorating a large room, choose images that match the home decors.
  4. Reflections are formed in the photos easily, distorting them. Therefore, do not use shiny surfaces in front of your windows.

Why are 3D wallpapers good for our homes?

  1. 3Dwallpapers can make our room seem bigger; it creates an illusion of a bigger room.
  2. If your room has damages to the wall, then 3D wallpapers can hide your shortcomings.
  3. You can design your own wallpaper, thereby adding your own style and uniqueness to your home.
  4. 3D wallpapers can be used in any room in your home.
  5. This wallpaper can be washed with detergents.
  6. It is resistant to fire.
  7. It does not contain harmful components.

Though 3D wallpapers can be quite expensive, they are durable and can last up to 10-15years. Most people use this wallpaper for its unique features. It brightens and makes your room cheerful. Depending on your budget you can go for more cost-effective wallpaper designs. Whatever is your choice, the durability range is worth the cost.